January 17, 2012

The Statue in Michel Delving

I already briefly mentioned Marcho and Blanco in my post about the Hobbit archers at Fornost.

In the year 1601 of the Third Age, these Fallohide brothers left Bree and headed west.  After receiving permission from the King of Arthedain at Fornost (King Argeleb II, according to records in Gondor), Marcho and Blanco and a great company of Hobbits were permitted to cross the Bridge of Stonebows that spanned the Baranduin, and settle all of the lands to the west between the river and the Far Downs.  This of course became our beloved lands of The Shire.  It also marked Year One in the Shire-reckoning.

I also mention the special qualities of the Fallohide strain of Hobbits in A Hobbit Boating Adventure.  These brothers exemplify those Fallohide qualities.

The statue located in the center of Michel Delving, the chief township of The Shire, pays homage to these pioneer settlers of The Shire.  Looks a bit like some Lewis and Clark representations, doesn't it?

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