January 28, 2012

Cracked Eggs: Moor Cowbell!

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I got a Middle Earth fever.

And the only prescription?.....

Moor Cowbell!

There's probably not a lot I need to say about this one lol.  If you happen to not have heard the Moor Cowbell in-game, you are most definitely missing out.  It's got the rhythm, it's got the mooooves, and it will make you shout for Moor!  I just need a Christopher Walken look-alike.  Thank you, Saturday Night Live!

Huge thanks to Council of Eriador kin member, Rhaknor.  Il est un chasseur extraordinaire!  I just wish I could make videos.  ;)


The Moor Cowbell is a rare world drop, but don't fear - you can also obtain one from the Curiosities vendor in any skirmish camp.  Once you obtain one, you still have to learn to play it.  The old-fashioned way for non-minstrel classes used to be learning it from a Minstrel who could Mentor you on the Moor Cowbell skills (and any Minstrel who had any sense might refuse!).  Non-Minis are now able to barter a Manual from the Curiosities vendor to enable them to play.  If you are not familiar with playing music in LOTRO, there is a good basic guide on LOTRO-Wiki.  If you would like to play composed songs, you can then find songs to play on sites like The Fat Lute.

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