April 4, 2013

McFarlane...At Your Service

Requests Make Me Happy Dance
Suggestions for posts are always welcome, and as Danania can attest after suggesting the post on Thorin and Company, I really REALLY enjoy getting them.  I have received a few since starting this blog, and always appreciate more.

I always have a list of topics that I've either started or have been kicking around in my brain but cringe at the amount of research that will be required (although those are always the most fulfilling to write).  But this post serves no purpose other than letting you readers know that you are always welcome to send me ideas or things you have always wondered about.  If there's the slightest chance I can make a lore-related post about it, I'll accept your challenge.

You are welcome to send an email to l.ward.mcfarlane@gmail.com or can also post questions/topics in Comments.

Thank you as always for following and sending me your comments!