February 12, 2013

Uncandled Eggs: A Painting in Nud-Heden

Mystery Painting of Nud-Heden
I recently spent a relaxing afternoon mining ore through several regions.  My 85 Lore Master, Anamikari, has been called upon several times lately to provide ore for the second Jeweler and Metalsmith crafters I have been leveling (I know, SECOND?!?).  I find it an enjoyable change of pace, particularly when I'm riding through areas where I won't aggro the landscape mobs and can just soak in the scenery.  On this afternoon I mined around Rohan, heading up toward the Great River area and then into Lothlorien for a while before entering the East Gate of Moria in the Dimrill Dale.  I passed through Nud Melek and into the Redhorn Lodes, the sweetest spot for mining all four types of Khazad ores.  I noticed things looked a bit different toward the southern end since the Moria revamp, where you can head to the Flaming Deeps.  I noticed that you are essentially now in the Chittering Hole, whereas it used to be more off to the side.

I went to explore the little building there called Nud-Heden.  I know I've quested there before, but couldn't remember what was inside other than more gredbyg.  I believe it used to be one of many libraries found in Moria, according to the quest dialogue found on LOTRO Wiki.  I would have guessed it was more like an inn/waystation or tavern, as there's a long bar, tables, and barrels.  Maybe that was just the Dwarf version of an in-house library coffeeshop?
Gate to Moria

Interestingly, in the rear room (was there supposed to be a Grodbog Queen here once?) I noticed several paintings on the walls.  I spotted the good old Above Weathertop painting, as well as the Shore Glimpse, I believe.  Then I saw a painting I'm certain I have never seen elsewhere in the game.  At least, I have no memory of this painting. (Little joke there.)

Unfortunately it is out of focus so I can't detect all of the detail.  Clearly it is a Dwarf, pointing toward something in the background.  There appear to be barricades, and off to the rear right we see some trees and mountains.  I can't for the life of me figure out what this is supposed to represent.  Is that fire in there somewhere?  Are those trees stripped/burned down?  Are there other figures in there?  Nar pointing at Thror's head being tossed out of Moria?  Dáin spotting Azog and saying, "Hey, let's go chop off HIS head!"?  It's driving me crazy trying to figure this one out.  If anyone has seen this elsewhere, or knows what this is, I would love to hear!
Path to Moria

I know Lootboxes can drop two fairly rare paintings: the Path to Moria and the Gate to Moria (thanks to LOTRO Wiki for the photos).  I have not been lucky enough to get either of these yet, and was hoping that I'd find information on this particular painting in the Lorebook, but no such luck.

Ah well, there's always Playful Children to fill my empty wall space for now.  But I hope to solve the mystery of this painting soon!


  1. It's art that has also been used as a loading screen, though I can't find it.
    The same dwarf can be seen here:

    1. Very nice catch, thank you for sharing!

  2. Good to see you posting again! I guess I've always assumed that dwarf was one of the Durins. I shall have to look into it more!

    1. Hi Ship, and thank you! Love to hear if you figure anything out!

  3. I believe the same painting can be found in the Chamber of Leadership. As to what it's showing, I think Robert is right that it probably came from a loading screen artwork.

  4. I believe I saw this painting in the Bree town hall after the changes to Bree. I thought it looked like one I had never seen before.

  5. Thank you all for the tips and comments so far! So wish I could see a sharper version of that painting and find out what it is!